Sunday, June 05, 2005


Gregg-Ann & Gregg Adair, Nevada

Yes. Scott has gone cancer free!

In the summer of 2002, our son, Scott had been diagnosed with stage 4-melanoma cancer. It had spread to his Lymph nodes, which the doctors surgically removed, and seemed to be getting worse. The doctors told Scott they did not know if he would make it or not, and melanoma is the most aggressive cancer and can spread very rapidly. Last summer he underwent aggressive therapy. This therapy had made him very sick (it was actually killing him).

He decided to go another route and choose interferon (self injected). He did that for several months but had a test in November 2003 and still had the cancer.

In December Ann and I found out that XanGo had been used by a Doctor in Phoenix on hundreds of patients to help relieve the effects of traditional medicine (chemo, interferon etc) with great success. Not only were the effects of the chemo and interferon relieved, but also many patients were becoming cancer free. We told Scott about this and he began drinking XanGo in December, reluctantly.

Ann met with Dr. Templeman who lectured on the benefits of the mangosteen fruit one day at a conference we attended in San Diego. After the lecture Ann met with him and he told Ann that “Stage 4 melanoma was a particularly bad cancer and If he were Scott he would be taking XanGo and other supplements to help the body rid it self of this cancer.” Of course we came back and suggested to Scott to be more aggressive with the XanGo, stop smoking, and begin an exercise program.

In January Scott began drinking 1 bottle of XanGo a week or more. He stopped the interferon treatments.

Scott had a PET scan on Thursday March 18th 2004, and Ann and Scott met with the doctor on Friday for the results. The results were; Scott is cancer free! When the Doctor asked Scott what he attributed this to, Scott remarked “Mangosteen Juice”!

Also, I had been taking Lipitor for years to lower my cholesterol. It has never been under 200. After consulting my Cardiologist I lowered my Lipitor from 40mg to 10mg and then began using XanGo. 90 days later my cholesterol was 195 and I am now off the Lipitor!

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