Sunday, May 08, 2005

Menier's Desease

Marty Damman, Melbourne, Australia

I have suffered with Menier's Disease for 13 years, and have now taken XanGo™ for 8 months and I have not had an attack of this horrible disease since taking this wonderful product.

In 1998, I was diagnosed with blocked arteries in my legs which I have had 2 operations with stints inserted and now those stints are blocked. My legs always felt very heavy and tired, and, it was difficult as I could not walk very far. About 4 years ago I got asthma which came as another shock.

I really couldn't believe my health was going down hill. Prior to getting Menier's Disease, I always thought I was fit and healthy. - I never really had a sick day prior to that.

Two days before Easter 2004, I was rushed to hospital via ambulance with excruciating pain around my rib cage and back which also affected my breathing "I thought now what has gone wrong". (I was told I would be in hospital for about 5 days). I was diagnosed with broken ribs. Earlier in that week, I sneezed about 10 times in a row causing the broken ribs. (In the past taking Prednisolone now and again, I was informed this medication can weaken the bones, although, I needed to take the course of tablets). My wife, Pauline visited me with XanGo™ and said "just take it". On Good Friday I was home with my family.

This year I have only been in hospital twice and prior to March 2004, I had been rushed to hospital 9 times with asthma attacks over the last 2 years.

I no longer suffer with constipation and, the pain in my lower back has gone. I am now able to walk a bit further as my legs do not have that heavy sensation feeling. Last week, I was able to do some gardening which I haven't done for years, as I couldn't bend over without feeling light-headed, out of breath, stiff and sore. I feel I am starting to get my life back slowly.

I did not have the flu this year, although, in September 2004, I was hospitalized with an asthma attack (due to the change in Melbourne's weather). I was in for 3 days (together with my XanGo™). My doctor checked my feet and felt slight pulses in both feet - (I have had no pulses for 2 years due to blocked arteries). He said "what medication are you taking?" I said "no medication". I was overwhelmed with the report, and I said "Wow" it must be XanGo™! The doctor knew about the Mangosteen fruit and I told him about XanGo™. He said "just keep taking it".

The only medication I take is for my asthma. I have also lost 3 kg without even trying. I will always take my XanGo™ everyday for the rest of my life.

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