Sunday, May 08, 2005

Diabetes and Poor Circulation

Bob Anderson, Minnesota

As a 56 year old male with diabetes, high blood pressure, weak kidney and a few other minor issues, I did not expect XanGo™ or any other natural product to be of any value. One of the major issues I have had, is poor circulation in my legs. This has manifested with large sores that don't heal. Some I have had for two years. Doctors have given me different salves and creams to try, but nothing has worked. I started on XanGo™ and noticed slight healing on my legs within a week. It has now been over two months and the sores are completely healed up and my skin is clear. I also have regained feeling in my toes which I had lost. I owe much to XanGo™!

(UPDATE: Now about 6 months later, I have greatly reduced the amount of insulin that I take everyday.)

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