Sunday, May 08, 2005

Acid Reflux and Arthritis

Bruce Stillson, Cape Coral, FL

I am a self employed Construction Contractor and a 20 year arthritis sufferer. I also suffer with acid reflux. In my occupation I am on my feet all day long. By the end of every work day my arthritic feet hurt so bad I can barely walk, especially my heels. I have tried practically everything under the sun, from natural remedies to prescription drugs to eliminate the pain. Some of these remedies succeeded in slowing the progression of the disease, but none of them could completely eliminate the pain from the inflammation. So, I made an agreement with my friend Don that if this stuff helped me I would get the word out in a big way.

The product is called XanGo™ and I received it within two days of placing my order, which was quite impressive. To my surprise it was very pleasant tasting and professionally packaged. So again, I am thinking to myself, "How could something that tastes this good possibly work." But I kept on taking the usual recommended initial amount of 3 ounces per day.

To my utter shock and amazement within 7 days of starting on XanGo™ the pain was actually starting to subside. I could actually make it from the bed to the bathroom in the morning without supporting myself by means of dressers and night stands. By the ninth day the pain was completely gone and as an added bonus my acid reflux condition was much better too.

I now feel that XanGo™ is a product that everyone with chronic pain needs to know about. I am even told that it is effective with lots of other inflammatory conditions and it's raw antioxidant ingredients are even being used in cancer research with some remarkable success.Thank you XanGo™ for giving me my life back.

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