Friday, April 22, 2005

Acid Reflux, Pain, Allergies

Lisa Morgan

I have acid reflux, a neck injury, and allergies. I'm not taking any Prevacid for acid reflux, anti- inflammatory medication for my neck pain, nor Allegra for allergies anymore.

I will always have these conditions. However, I'm happy to say, I'm taking only one supplement, Mangosteen Juice .

My 8 years old daughter, takes one ounce of Mangosteen Juice a day, which controls her allergies and her proneness to asthma. Since taking Mangosteen Juice, she has not had to take medication.My main use for taking the Mangosteen Juice is for prevention. I take 3 - 5 additional ounces on a day if feel a virus coming on, and it knocks the germs right out!

My Mom started taking it for her arthritis and admits to having enough relief that she's not popping Tylenol daily. It's a good thing!I rarely experience that lull after lunch anymore either

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