Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back Pain

Scott, Velancia, CA

Hi, I'm Scott from Valencia , CA . Some time ago I was involved in a move where I moved from one house to another. In the process, I injured my back. And so severe was the injury that I could not even sleep in a bed, I had to sleep on a mat on the floor. I couldn't drive a car. It was a painful experience just to walk from the house to get the mail out of the mailbox. I can remember one night I went out to dinner with my son and during the course of that dinner I couldn't even sit down to eat the dinner. I had to eat standing up it was so severe. This episode lasted for about six to seven months. And not making a whole lot of progress. I was introduced to the mangosteen product, started taking it and over a period of time I noticed that the pain was subsiding. I was able to get back into my occupation which requires a lot of driving. I'm very, very excited. My life is changed. I'm able to exercise now. I'm able to walk several miles a day. I'm able to jog. I would never stop taking this product. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

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